JEYI SEAL i9 HDD Enclosure mobile hdd box case aluminium NVME TYPE C3.1 JMS583 m. 2 USB3.1 M.2 PCIE U.2 SSD PCI E TYPEC

JEYI SEAL i9 HDD Enclosure mobile hdd box case aluminium NVME TYPE C3.1 JMS583 m. 2 USB3.1 M.2 PCIE U.2 SSD PCI E TYPEC
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Oписание продукта

1Product parameters

Brand: JEYI

Name; M.2 NVME mobile hard disk box

Model: SEAL- i9

Size: 103mm long *25mm wide *9mm thickness

Support: various PCI-E protocols m.2 NVME solid state drives (which do not support m.2NGFF of PCI-E AHCI and SATA protocol).

Service: three years of joint insurance


1, small fashion Good-looking CNC all aluminum sculpture;

2, JMS583 TYPC-C3.1 high order master control;

3, support UASP to accelerate and integrate JEYI high-speed signal enhancement technology.

4, intelligent LED indicator light, PCBA with heat sink copper.

5, dual power DC power supply module ensures stable transmission.


TYPE-C has stronger EMI suppression and can be inserted blindly.4

The data line is 24cm long and it uses a seamless TYPE-C head. All the data in the description was manually measured by the JEIYI laboratory or there was a slight error. The total length of SEAL-i9 is 103mm.


Stable, high elastic connector

80mm long position has been welded fixed studs

42/60mm disk fixed with removable studs6

Double-sided copper bar, convection cooling. For better heat dissipation and durability, JEYI uses an expensive gold sink PCB7

Strong six-sided heat dissipation, the main control panel can be attached to the thermal silicon wafer8

JMS583 high-level master;

Support UASP acceleration;

Support TRIM instructions;

JEYI optimizes ROM firmware.

The TRIM instruction can extend the life of the SSD and avoid the transmission of suspended animation.

UASP accelerates, large-capacity servers, and SCSI protocol make read and write faster.9

Silicone, non-slip and cable tie. A good helper on business trips, it is not easy to lose lines and boxes.


The overall CNC precision crafted, crafted.11

Aluminium sculpture highlights high style1213

Flat, precise design. This product does not include the disc in the demo. The description will not be elaborated one by one.14

JEYI real core, let you rest assured: large-capacity firmware ROM (JEYI constantly optimizes and updates the firmware).

Large-area heat-dissipating copper strips, thin-type patch crystals, two DC modules, and one-piece high-power inductor15

Read and write the LDE indicator. When the power is on, the lamp is always bright. When reading and writing, the lights are flashing.


One screw, easily fixed


Compare and confirm: It supports M Key interface (NVME is marked on the disk),

It does not support Msata interface and B Key interface. It does not support m.2 NGFF of SATA protocol and PCI-E m.2 of AHCI.17

Precise heat dissipation, direct heat source. Give away 10 small pieces of high-conductivity thermal silicon, you can paste the silicon chip where there are chips and Flash.182219

Integrated JEYI high-speed signal enhancement technology;

Through JEYI high-speed signal integrity testing;

Test scenario: motherboard Z370+SM961